The company started its business in 1984 as a software product development and marketing company for the proprietary IBM AS/400 computing platform.

The company developed and marketed a Supply Chain/Logistics Software Product for large multinationals. Having been successful in the UK and Australian market the company focused on other markets.

However, in the early 90s, the global market changed making the IBM AS/400 platform technologically obsolete by moving away from proprietary platforms to open systems (Unix/Linux).

This dramatic change in the market resulted in the company having to change its technology platform and its business model and look for other lines of business. The company faced a significant challenge of having to acquire new skills, expertise, technology, products, services and markets all of which resulted in a slowdown of the company’s business till it was able to put all these elements in place.

The company had then to identify completely new lines of businesses in order to create a business that would provide an attractive rate of return to the shareholder and businesses that were sustainable in the long term by being resilient to technology obsolescence.

The underlying technologies for mobile banking and remote health were both only truly ready for the last couple of years. The company has been aggressive in acquiring these appropriate technologies and is planning to launch both these services in 2011and is hopeful of scaling these businesses to its full potential.